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Hi, I've spent some golden hours this weekend with CHFA founders and saw the amazing work they have been doing at the dog pounds.  I instantly realized that my longing passion to do something for the 'galli ka kutha' came to play.  So, I am writing to you, the caring hands (members) of this organization, to see what we can do to help? 

Some of the ideas I have:

- Donation Drive - take 2-3 abandoned dogs with us and stand outside the departmental stores (I'd recommend HyperCity) and talk to the shoppers to donate a bag of dog food

- Adoption Drive - spend a day bathing and cleaning some of the adoptable dogs and have an adoption drive on a good saturday/sunday morning outside parks (I'd recommend KBR park).  We'd even give them an adoption kit (collar, leash and dog food) for starters

- Regulation Drive - split into 5/6 teams based on our locations to go and perform random checks at the GHMC dog pounds on all days of the week - I believe the core members are struggling to shuttle across the city to ensure that the stray dogs are being taken care of...

Let's join hands - caring hands - and help the wonderful animals in Hyderabad - they truly need you.  If you do not think so, stop for a moment and look into the eyes of an animal and you'll believe me!

Looking forward to some caring hands,


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kaivalya kashyap
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dats true sandhya vil do it 4 sure

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