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> Here’s how you can help:

·  Adopt a Pet: by undertaking to bear its lifelong expenditure. The pet will remain in the shelter under our care.

·   Celebrate you special days – what better way to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries etc than by donating to caring of helpless creatures?

·   Donate Feed Expenses: for a day, a week, or a month

·   Sponsor medicines or other items of use for sheltering & providing care for the animals

·   Send Food

  • Dog food – 10 to 12 kgs of Drool or Pedigree, a day
  • Bread loafs – 15 jumbo sized a day
  • Rotis – 120 rotis a day
  • Bird feed like corn (makai), about 25 kgs a month
  • Cat/Kitten food, about 10kgs a month

CHFA is funded only through donations and voluntary service. We do not receive any Government aid. Any kind of help from animal lovers is greatly appreciated.

> Become a member & volunteer

  • You can become a member and volunteer of CHFA and participate in various activities that reach out to animals badly in need of your help. Please join our organization and share your interests in animal welfare activities such as awareness campaigns, periodic reports and news letters as well as fund raising.

> Foster Care

  • Volunteers can provide a temporary home (usually 3-4 weeks) for animals that are sick. Volunteers can provide loving care until the pet can be placed in a permanent home.



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